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129) Further analysis by peptide sequencing rev
130) Further analysis demonstrated that these r
131) Further analysis from the survey and in-de
132) Data were not pooled for further analysis because studies lacked st
133) f the posterior maxilla were selected for further analysis.
134) recording rehabilitation data useful for further analysis.
135) novel strain (BRC-HZM2) was selected for further analysis.
136) lines for the TDC group were selected for further analysis.
137) These results provide further evidence for language congruency e
138) Our findings provide further evidence of a link between arteria
139) This paper provides further evidence of discrimination based o
140) This report provides further evidence of mechanical/intrastadia
141) Results of this study provide further evidence of significant input of P
142) illness progression, this study provides further evidence to support anatomical def
143) The results add further evidence to the importance of orga
144) Further phylogenetic analyses of M.
145) tial and important DNA molecular data for further phylogenetic analysis for not only
146) tial and important DNA molecular data for further phylogenetic analysis for not only
147) tial and important DNA molecular data for further phylogenetic analysis for not only
148) tial and important DNA molecular data for further phylogenetic analysis for not only
149) tial and important DNA molecular data for further phylogenetic analysis for not only
150) tial and important DNA molecular data for further phylogenetic analysis for not only
151) We further explored associations between gamm
152) re and daily ambulance demand in 2036 was further explored by including and excludin
153) trategy is very interesting and should be further explored for clinical applications
154) CCA; HP(G/A)11] of β-globin gene LCR, we further explored the differential behavior
155) ategies focussing on resilience should be further explored.
156) ential role of rs13347C > T in AML was further explored.
157) n all included parts and the result, upon further development and validation, may se
158) Findings underscore the need for further development in psychological thera
159) The aim of the study was a systematical further development of targeted approaches
160) suggest some research directions for the further development of this field of model
161) structs open intriguing possibilities for further development.
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(1)39 studies (16)4 developed (31)2 analyses (46)2 insights
(2)32 research (17)4 in (32)2 analyzed (47)2 monitoring
(3)18 investigation (18)4 supported (33)2 application (48)2 optimization
(4)18 study (19)3 *null* (34)2 as (49)2 prospective
(5)11 the (20)3 a (35)2 assessed (50)2 protection
(6)10 investigations (21)3 clinical (36)2 complications (51)2 spread
(7)8 analysis (22)3 evaluation (37)2 divided (52)2 suggests
(8)7 evidence (23)3 exploration (38)2 elucidate (53)2 supporting
(9)7 phylogenetic (24)3 explore (39)2 enhance (54)2 supports
(10)6 explored (25)3 for (40)2 episodes (55)2 taxonomic
(11)5 development (26)3 increased (41)2 evaluated (56)2 that
(12)5 support (27)3 investigate (42)2 examination (57)2 used
(13)5 validation (28)3 molecular (43)2 identification
(14)4 by (29)3 understand (44)2 improvement
(15)4 confirmed (30)2 advances (45)2 increase

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--- WordNet output for further --- =>1.さらにずっと, さらに先に, 一層遠く, その上, 更に, もっと遠い, なお一層の, さらに遠く, もっと先に, いっそうはるかに, さらにまた, さらになお(furthermore), 2.進める, 助成する, 促進する Overview of verb further The verb further has 2 senses (first 2 from tagged texts) 1. (7) foster, further -- (promote the growth of; "Foster our children's well-being and education") 2. (2) promote, advance, boost, further, encourage -- (contribute to the progress or growth of; "I am promoting the use of computers in the classroom") Overview of adj further The adj further has 1 sense (first 1 from tagged texts) 1. (2) further, farther -- (more distant in especially degree; "nothing could be further from the truth"; "further from our expectations"; "farther from the truth"; "farther from our expectations") Overview of adv further The adv further has 3 senses (first 3 from tagged texts) 1. (33) further, farther -- (to or at a greater extent or degree or a more advanced stage (`further' is used more often than `farther' in this abstract sense); "further complicated by uncertainty about the future"; "let's not discuss it further"; "nothing could be further from the truth"; "they are further along in their research than we expected"; "the application of the law was extended farther"; "he is going no farther in his studies") 2. (10) further -- (in addition or furthermore; "if we further suppose"; "stated further that he would not cooperate with them"; "they are definitely coming; further, they should be here already") 3. (1) farther, further -- (to or at a greater distance in time or space (`farther' is used more frequently than `further' in this physical sense); "farther north"; "moved farther away"; "farther down the corridor"; "the practice may go back still farther to the Druids"; "went only three miles further"; "further in the future") Overview of adv far The adv far has 5 senses (first 4 from tagged texts) 1. (61) far -- (to a considerable degree; very much; "a far far better thing that I do"; "felt far worse than yesterday"; "eyes far too close together") 2. (39) far -- (at or to or from a great distance in space; "he traveled far"; "strayed far from home"; "sat far away from each other") 3. (22) far -- (at or to a certain point or degree; "I can only go so far before I have to give up"; "how far can we get with this kind of argument?") 4. (3) far -- (remote in time; "if we could see far into the future"; "all that happened far in the past") 5. far -- (to an advanced stage or point; "a young man who will go very far") --- WordNet end ---