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144) at AR-DTX-PM can reduce systemic toxicity while retaining antitumor efficacy in canc
145) he framework of his social control theory while retaining assumptions of his origina
146) e to allow within study prior correlation while retaining the advantage of closed-fo
147) t their polysialic acid cleaving activity while retaining their polysialic acid bind
148) For example, watching a hammer hit a nail while simultaneously identifying the sound
149) ibition of task-relevant representations, while simultaneously inhibiting task-irrel
150) tia in research and knowledge production, while simultaneously strengthening the evi
151) ically meaningful and actionable research while simultaneously training to be a comp
152) While they present reasonable objections t
153) uring a visual fixation task for the ear, while they decrease for the eye.
154) the left hemisphere of 2 macaque monkeys, while they freely viewed natural images.
155) negative, positive, and neutral pictures while they were instructed to either incre
156) icity or adverse cardiopulmonary sequelae while using a segmental tumescent infiltra
157) smaller set-up margins maybe appropriate while using daily image-guidance with an o
158) esented with complaints of slurred speech while using the capecitabine and lapatinib
159) during active recreational activities and while using the roadways.
160) s 7.1% increase in the total annual cost, while 20% decrease results in 7.9% decreas
161) nnual cost would increase to about 12.6%, while 20% reduction in inflow leads to 15.
162) ceylanicum, while 20% were mixed infections.
163) While it has been demonstrated that kerati
164) While it is known that patients with MFS a
165) increased significantly (p < 0.001), while it was found to be decreased in the
166) eased when the channel is exposed to EMF, while its conductance remains unchanged at
167) tive to conditions of pollutant exposure, while its constitutive counterpart hsc70 s
168) rants (arriving at age 10-18) on smoking, while its detrimental effects are more pro
169) While most Western countries allow the but
170) While most of the immunization treatments
171) Most injuries were minor, while most severe injuries (fractures and
172) s have emerged as consistent associations while others are only now becoming more fu
173) can disambiguate different compartments, while others report that they do not.
174) rotein-coding genes use TAA as stop codon while others use incomplete stop codons "T
175) 2010 was lower than that in 2009 for men, while that in 2011 was higher than that in
176) nal effluent of activated sludge process, while that in plant B increased significan
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(1)79 the (16)3 it (31)2 environmental (46)2 promoting
(2)14 in (17)3 its (32)2 focusing (47)2 providing
(3)13 no (18)3 most (33)2 for (48)2 receiving
(4)11 a (19)3 others (34)2 further (49)2 serum
(5)6 this (20)3 that (35)2 harvesting (50)2 she
(6)4 at (21)3 there (36)2 increasing (51)2 significant
(7)4 maintaining (22)3 these (37)2 minimising (52)2 similar
(8)4 one (23)3 those (38)2 much (53)2 slightly
(9)4 performing (24)3 women (39)2 negative (54)2 some
(10)4 reducing (25)2 Asians (40)2 numerous (55)2 still
(11)4 retaining (26)2 accounting (41)2 on (56)2 subcutaneous
(12)4 simultaneously (27)2 also (42)2 other (57)2 their
(13)4 they (28)2 controlling (43)2 participants
(14)4 using (29)2 digging/gardening, (44)2 preserving
(15)3 20% (30)2 downregulation (45)2 previous

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--- WordNet output for while --- =>時間と労働, その間に, 時間, する間に, なのに, そのうえ, をのんびりと過す Overview of noun while The noun while has 1 sense (first 1 from tagged texts) 1. (23) while, piece, spell, patch -- (a period of indeterminate length (usually short) marked by some action or condition; "he was here for a little while"; "I need to rest for a piece"; "a spell of good weather"; "a patch of bad weather") --- WordNet end ---