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150) n blocks where implants were included and different abutments were bolted.
151) ress distribution between two models with different abutments.
152) lar to that of the brain, is in fact much different and more extensive.
153) to Kaposi sarcoma but are histologically different, and are usually secondary to an
154) Afterwards two different approaches to the elderly (gener
155) Two different approaches were used in this stu
156) Different bleaching agents or Vaseline can
157) pulpal temperatures after treatments with different bleaching gels subjected to diff
158) rared spectra also showed substantial but different changes in HA chemical structure
159) SVZ, but the two neurogenic sites showed different changes in their morphometric pa
160) A2 and B1 the PC value at time 2 was not different compared to time 0.
161) rate of granules and nuclear changes were different compared with other groups.
162) d first instar larvae were transferred to different dietary concentrations of the te
163) This study has identified four and five different dietary patterns to characterise
164) itional Chinese medicine to treat several different diseases for hundreds of years.
165) he potential of MenSCs in cell therapy of different diseases.
166) rk support exploration of risk-benefit of different dosing schedules.
167) No study has compared 2 different dosing strategies for argatroban
168) have demonstrated genetic variation among different ethnic groups in the epidermal g
169) chasing sex may differ between clients of different ethnic groups.
170) iple peaks that are usually attributed to different flow paths through the aquifer t
171) haracteristics of steady state flows with different flow rates were investigated, si
172) keletal cells were exposed to a series of different frequencies to induce dielectrop
173) y and induced LTD when they were tuned to different frequencies.
174) profiles used in the studies had not only different gene combinations but also diffe
175) check species identification by comparing different gene sequences.
176) ment and on the mRNA expression levels of different genes in goat secondary follicle
177) The content and arrangement of different genes on the mitogenome was foun
178) orphology in the hippocampus of rats with different genetic backgrounds.
179) g), in rats (Rattus norvegicus) using two different genetic endpoints, namely, chrom
180) s already contributed to the pathology of different human disease.
181) e evidence of the ability to characterize different human skeletal stem and mature c
182) associations (i.e., interactions) between different indicators of SES and ambulatory
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(1)21 from (18)3 amounts (35)2 compared (52)2 origins
(2)15 types (19)3 aspects (36)2 dietary (53)2 output
(3)10 between (20)3 cell (37)2 diseases (54)2 pHs
(4)9 doses (21)3 degrees (38)2 dosing (55)2 patterns
(5)7 concentrations (22)3 effects (39)2 ethnic (56)2 perspectives
(6)6 time (23)3 for (40)2 flow (57)2 protocols
(7)5 in (24)3 health (41)2 frequencies (58)2 range
(8)5 levels (25)3 mechanisms (42)2 gene (59)2 regions
(9)4 *null* (26)3 parts (43)2 genes (60)2 scenarios
(10)4 areas (27)3 roles (44)2 genetic (61)2 sensory
(11)4 combinations (28)3 species (45)2 human (62)2 surface
(12)4 components (29)3 ways (46)2 indicators (63)2 taxa
(13)4 groups (30)2 abutments (47)2 internal-cone (64)2 than
(14)4 methods (31)2 and (48)2 laser (65)2 therapeutic
(15)4 stages (32)2 approaches (49)2 masking (66)2 tissues
(16)4 tilt (33)2 bleaching (50)2 materials (67)2 versions
(17)3 adhesive (34)2 changes (51)2 molecular (68)2 views

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--- WordNet output for different --- =>いろいろな, 違った, 異なった, 様々の, 種々の, 異なる, 変わった Overview of adj different The adj different has 5 senses (first 4 from tagged texts) 1. (88) different -- (unlike in nature or quality or form or degree; "took different approaches to the problem"; "came to a different conclusion"; "different parts of the country"; "on different sides of the issue"; "this meeting was different from the earlier one") 2. (41) different -- (distinctly separate from the first; "that's another (or different) issue altogether") 3. (2) different -- (differing from all others; not ordinary; "advertising that strives continually to be different"; "this new music is certainly different but I don't really like it") 4. (1) unlike, dissimilar, different -- (marked by dissimilarity; "for twins they are very unlike"; "people are profoundly different") 5. different -- (distinct or separate; "each interviewed different members of the community") --- WordNet end ---