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187) rovements than women in QoL, BNP, and EF, while women had greater improvements in th
188) verage birthweight of 3030 g (SD: 524), while women in the highest quartile had ba
189) tive effects on decreasing suicide of men while women suffered a post-earthquake inc
190) rn Blacks and Hispanics were more likely, while Asians and Arabs were less likely to
191) n-born Blacks and Arabs were more likely, while Asians and Hispanics were less likel
192) covariates on the two survival endpoints, while accounting both for the relationship
193) e detailed biology of morphogen dynamics, while accounting for time delays associate
194) eliefs in primary and secondary control), while also offering support to the idea th
195) ts, with or without heparin pretreatment, while also using a compressive dressing.
196) institution is private) as the instrument while controlling for severity of health a
197) unprocessed wood in four regions of Ghana while controlling for socio-environmental
198) n age 6 years may have been exposed to LA while digging/gardening, especially at hom
199) Airborne exposure to LA while digging/gardening, raking, and mowin
200) While downregulation of SALL4 leads to a d
201) ing carboxymethyl dextran (CMD) surfaces, while downregulation of the 67LR resulted
202) While environmental stimuli associated wit
203) d speech were assessed cross-sectionally, while environmental noise levels were syst
204) s review omits the fluid modelling aspect while focusing on other key components in
205) he therapeutic aspects of acral melanoma, while focusing on the epidemiological, cli
206) re age, height, job groups, and diabetes, while for females, the significant predict
207) sue regarding the regulation was obesity, while for parents it was health of childre
208) While further research is required to addr
209) mising tissue composition and properties, while further optimization of ovine TEHVs
210) of an ulnar superficial artery, revealed while harvesting a radial forearm flap.
211) ults from disruption of the thoracic duct while harvesting the internal thoracic art
212) agen structure of native septal cartilage while increasing matrix porosity, which is
213) vities of steroidogenic enzymes in testis while increasing oxidative stress in ventr
214) pressure and shear stress in deep tissues while minimising pressure and shear stress
215) trating high shear stress in deep tissues while minimising shear stress in the overl
216) While much attention has been paid to the
217) ocused on integrin-mediated interactions, while much less attention has been paid on
218) n anterior, left, and superior direction; while negative sign denotes deviation in p
219) ersity and nucleotide diversity were low, while negative values were observed for Ta
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(1)79 the (16)3 it (31)2 environmental (46)2 promoting
(2)14 in (17)3 its (32)2 focusing (47)2 providing
(3)13 no (18)3 most (33)2 for (48)2 receiving
(4)11 a (19)3 others (34)2 further (49)2 serum
(5)6 this (20)3 that (35)2 harvesting (50)2 she
(6)4 at (21)3 there (36)2 increasing (51)2 significant
(7)4 maintaining (22)3 these (37)2 minimising (52)2 similar
(8)4 one (23)3 those (38)2 much (53)2 slightly
(9)4 performing (24)3 women (39)2 negative (54)2 some
(10)4 reducing (25)2 Asians (40)2 numerous (55)2 still
(11)4 retaining (26)2 accounting (41)2 on (56)2 subcutaneous
(12)4 simultaneously (27)2 also (42)2 other (57)2 their
(13)4 they (28)2 controlling (43)2 participants
(14)4 using (29)2 digging/gardening, (44)2 preserving
(15)3 20% (30)2 downregulation (45)2 previous

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--- WordNet output for while --- =>時間と労働, その間に, 時間, する間に, なのに, そのうえ, をのんびりと過す Overview of noun while The noun while has 1 sense (first 1 from tagged texts) 1. (23) while, piece, spell, patch -- (a period of indeterminate length (usually short) marked by some action or condition; "he was here for a little while"; "I need to rest for a piece"; "a spell of good weather"; "a patch of bad weather") --- WordNet end ---