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218) n anterior, left, and superior direction; while negative sign denotes deviation in p
219) ersity and nucleotide diversity were low, while negative values were observed for Ta
220) While numerous exposures with a food incre
221) Furthermore, while numerous studies have examined remap
222) follow-up of a patient being off steroids while on MMF.
223) more likely to experience hospitalization while on hospice, regardless of whether th
224) COI gene begins with GTG as start codon, while other 12 protein-coding genes start
225) dedicated to combating innate responses, while other viral structural or replicatio
226) t-related potentials (ERPs) were recorded while participants viewed a random sequenc
227) d vagal tone, were collected concurrently while participants viewed emotionally evoc
228) wound therapy (NPWT) that minimises pain while preserving the efficacy in wound hea
229) is likely to impair the protease activity while preserving the overall protein fold.
230) While previous studies have examined selec
231) onfidence interval (CI) = 0.389-0.969], while previous injury was a risk factor (H
232) ated to healing events and cell migration while promoting apoptosis.
233) n, it is critical to restrict inequities, while promoting healthier growth in develo
234) sk women (smoking, strong Chance beliefs) while providing a clear message that takin
235) MI) who draw upon their lived experiences while providing services to others with SM
236) ted ever having been asked about gambling while receiving AOD treatment services, wi
237) on with cryptococcemia and cryptococcuria while receiving micafungin therapy.
238) between serum groups (BSA8-CH and serum), while serum groups showed significant lowe
239) m total protein and phospholipids levels, while serum total lipid was significantly
240) ed a minor collision with an oncoming car while she was driving.
241) tions inflicted by a patient's pet feline while she was sleeping.
242) While significant progress has been made i
243) ting apoptosis and inflammation in cells, while significant effort is still ongoing
244) While similar positive characteristics of
245) While similar sampling techniques are limi
246) as performed in the 45° supine position, while slightly laterally lying and endotra
247) was performed in the 0° supine position, while slightly laterally lying and endotra
248) While some methodological limitations were
249) ts of in vitro studies are controversial; while some researchers reported that ozone
250) sis was temporally sutured to the tarsus, while still in the supine position, the pa
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(1)79 the (16)3 it (31)2 environmental (46)2 promoting
(2)14 in (17)3 its (32)2 focusing (47)2 providing
(3)13 no (18)3 most (33)2 for (48)2 receiving
(4)11 a (19)3 others (34)2 further (49)2 serum
(5)6 this (20)3 that (35)2 harvesting (50)2 she
(6)4 at (21)3 there (36)2 increasing (51)2 significant
(7)4 maintaining (22)3 these (37)2 minimising (52)2 similar
(8)4 one (23)3 those (38)2 much (53)2 slightly
(9)4 performing (24)3 women (39)2 negative (54)2 some
(10)4 reducing (25)2 Asians (40)2 numerous (55)2 still
(11)4 retaining (26)2 accounting (41)2 on (56)2 subcutaneous
(12)4 simultaneously (27)2 also (42)2 other (57)2 their
(13)4 they (28)2 controlling (43)2 participants
(14)4 using (29)2 digging/gardening, (44)2 preserving
(15)3 20% (30)2 downregulation (45)2 previous

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--- WordNet output for while --- =>時間と労働, その間に, 時間, する間に, なのに, そのうえ, をのんびりと過す Overview of noun while The noun while has 1 sense (first 1 from tagged texts) 1. (23) while, piece, spell, patch -- (a period of indeterminate length (usually short) marked by some action or condition; "he was here for a little while"; "I need to rest for a piece"; "a spell of good weather"; "a patch of bad weather") --- WordNet end ---