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222) Treatment and sputum microscopy were provi
223) Of these, 695 patients entered treatment and 531 (74%) had complete forms
224) tients with HHcy (group A) received basic treatment and administered folic acid (1·
225) ied and commercially used for waste water treatment and bench and pilot-scale produc
226) ficant differences were found between the treatment and control groups (p < 0
227) as the reduction of cramp frequency after treatment and cramp intensity measured by
228) er pressure was 30.47 ± 13.95 before the treatment and decreased to 14.30 ± 11.89
229) ssociated with an increase in duration of treatment and mortality.
230) Detergent treatment and osmotic lysis caused failure
231) study was to describe clinical features, treatment and outcome of 21 dogs with meta
232) igns, metastasis site, pathology results, treatment and outcome were recorded.
233) Majority were satisfied with the medical treatment and overall care provided at the
234) larger ovarian cysts showed a diminished treatment and pregnancy success.
235) d pathological gambling to inform current treatment and prevention needs.
236) this article, we report our experience in treatment and prevention of these lesions,
237) direct thrombin inhibitors, has made the treatment and prognostication of ICH in an
238) s were high for both expectation prior to treatment and satisfaction after treatment
239) Appropriate antibiotic treatment and surgical debridement are nec
240) = 12) according to the type of surface treatment and the adhesive system: G1 =
241) cramps were recorded before beginning the treatment and the fourth week of study.
242) significantly in regard to pediatric HIV treatment and treatment costs for drug res
243) n was finally performed for diagnosis and treatment, and histological findings revea
244) n the patient group following vitamin B12 treatment, and the results were compared w
245) Data also indicated that garlic treatment in Pb(2+) exposed mice exhibited
246) alytic strategies can be used to evaluate treatment in a real world setting using a
247) as found after additional phosphoric acid treatment in dentin groups (p < 0.0
248) y carcinogenesis and improved therapeutic treatment in human breast cancer.
249) ctors associated with the anticoagulation treatment in patients with atrial fibrilla
250) ll for equality; they demand a more equal treatment in social interactions and relat
251) herapeutic advance over standard warfarin treatment in stoke prevention in patients
252) e potential promise of ablative radiation treatment in the era of modern immunothera
253) to antioxidant enzymes after OC-Fe3O4 NPs treatment in the livers of animals 1 week
254) group 1, the control group, received no treatment; in group 2, allograft was place
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(1)101 of (14)4 showed (27)3 the (40)2 leads
(2)53 *null* (15)4 were (28)3 to (41)2 led
(3)38 with (16)3 as (29)3 without (42)2 may
(4)29 for (17)3 by (30)2 after (43)2 program
(5)23 and (18)3 cycle (31)2 also (44)2 protocols
(6)11 in (19)3 group (32)2 are (45)2 response
(7)9 was (20)3 modalities (33)2 can (46)2 schizophrenia
(8)6 groups (21)3 on (34)2 concentration (47)2 seems
(9)6 options (22)3 option (35)2 cycles (48)2 significantly
(10)5 or (23)3 outcomes (36)2 effects (49)2 strategies
(11)4 allocation (24)3 period (37)2 group,
(12)4 completion (25)3 plants (38)2 induced
(13)4 effect (26)3 success (39)2 is

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--- WordNet output for treatment --- =>1.取り扱い, 扱い, 治療, 待遇, 処理, 処置, 2.台本, シナリオ Overview of noun treatment The noun treatment has 4 senses (first 4 from tagged texts) 1. (28) treatment, intervention -- (care provided to improve a situation (especially medical procedures or applications that are intended to relieve illness or injury)) 2. (25) treatment, handling -- (the management of someone or something; "the handling of prisoners"; "the treatment of water sewage"; "the right to equal treatment in the criminal justice system") 3. (4) treatment -- (a manner of dealing with something artistically; "his treatment of space borrows from Italian architecture") 4. (2) discussion, treatment, discourse -- (an extended communication (often interactive) dealing with some particular topic; "the book contains an excellent discussion of modal logic"; "his treatment of the race question is badly biased") --- WordNet end ---