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230) is 16,706 bp in length with the typical gene composition and arrangement in the mi
231) The gene composition and order of L.
232) The gene composition and order of T.
233) The gene composition and order of which were s
234) The gene composition and order of which were s
235) is 16,726 bp in length with the typical gene composition and orders in vertebrates
236) adians irradians, in length as well as in gene composition.
237) The gene organization and its order were simil
238) The gene organization and its order were simil
239) The gene organization and its order were simil
240) The gene organization and its order were simil
241) The gene organization is identical to that of
242) tics of complete mitochondrial genome and gene organization of E.
243) es, 22 tRNA genes and a control region, a gene organization similar to that of typic
244) r 2 (ITS2) and cytochrome oxidase 1 (CO1) gene sequences also showed that the O.
245) and indicated the suitability of 16S rRNA gene sequences in genetic divergence and p
246) using Cyt b (Cytochrome b) and ATPase6/8 gene sequences of mitochondrial DNA.
247) These results demonstrate that these mt gene sequences provide novel genetic marke
248) phylogenetic analysis based on partial F gene sequences.
249) their phylogenetic relationships among HA gene sequences.
250) ies identification by comparing different gene sequences.
251) ributary of the Yangtze River blocked the gene flow among those regions.
252) ddition, we observed that pollen-mediated gene flow possibly maintained the genetic
253) ce in allele frequencies, suggesting that gene flow prevented the formation of popul
254) A stepping-stone pattern of gene flow was detected in the populations
255) ure among adults suggests high historical gene flow.
256) me 6q region and reveal a novel candidate gene for CL±P.
257) e MHC class II β-1 domain as a candidate gene for resistance to lactococcosis, we e
258) mplete mitochondrial 16 S ribosomal RNA gene for the first time.
259) dy, we present the complete mitochondrial gene for the freshwater goby Rhinogobius g
260) ch two transgenes were co-delivered - the gene for transforming growth factor (TGF)
261) on the expression of metagenomic xylanase gene in Bacillus subtilis extracellularly
262) mooth muscle α-actin (ACTA2; MIM*102620) gene in a 3 generational family from North
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(1)75 expression (15)5 of (29)3 block (43)2 mutation
(2)34 order (16)5 transfer (30)3 can (44)2 on
(3)32 arrangement (17)5 were (31)3 contents (45)2 overlap
(4)31 and (18)4 activation (32)3 polymorphisms (46)2 peptide
(5)21 *null* (19)4 delivery (33)3 sequencing (47)2 profiling
(6)15 was (20)4 encoding (34)3 transcription (48)2 regions
(7)12 expression, (21)4 expressions (35)2 analysis (49)2 sequence
(8)9 arrangement, (22)4 fragments (36)2 carriers (50)2 sequences,
(9)7 composition (23)4 is (37)2 cluster (51)2 spookier
(10)7 organization (24)4 silencing (38)2 clusters (52)2 synteny
(11)7 sequences (25)4 to (39)2 content (53)2 therapy,
(12)5 flow (26)4 which (40)2 family (54)2 used
(13)5 for (27)3 alterations (41)2 from (55)2 uses
(14)5 in (28)3 as (42)2 has

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--- WordNet output for gene --- =>遺伝子 Overview of noun gene The noun gene has 1 sense (no senses from tagged texts) 1. gene, cistron, factor -- ((genetics) a segment of DNA that is involved in producing a polypeptide chain; it can include regions preceding and following the coding DNA as well as introns between the exons; it is considered a unit of heredity; "genes were formerly called factors") --- WordNet end ---