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384) length of residence has more detrimental effects for adolescent immigrants (arrivin
385) the existence of more than multiplicative effects for co-exposures of cadmium or lea
386) ow dose of γ-irradiation have protective effects for combating Parkinsonism possibl
387) uired cilostazol seems to show beneficial effects for primary prevention of diabetic
388) posterior old-new event-related potential effects for semantic judgements in typical
389) regnancy has been associated with adverse effects for the mother and the newborn (NB
390) cell (EPC) transplantation has beneficial effects for therapeutic neovascularization
391) Overall, 39% attributed side effects to PPN intake including nausea, vo
392) The carob pretreatment reversed EtOH effects to near control levels.
393) lihood function is integrated over random effects to obtain a marginal likelihood fu
394) There were no identified side effects to the pamidronate treatment.
395) o had life-threatening hematological side effects to treatment with antipsychotic ag
396) Effects are stable over a 12 months period
397) population-averaged (marginal) covariate effects are of interest, two-part models t
398) Interfacial membrane effects are present to mimic key blood pro
399) Here definitions of non-targeted effects are presented, the potential mecha
400) s between the two groups in terms of side effects such as nausea and diarrhoea.
401) cancer drug; however, it has several side effects such as nephrotoxicity.
402) t factors in the induction of opioid side effects such as tolerance and dependence.
403) iod, should not be affected from external effects, such as excessive loads or motion
404) led statistically significant interaction effects between the mixtures of toxicants
405) e that could mediate the observed context effects between vision and somatosensation
406) nature with normal and reversed causation effects between work characteristics and p
407) ted with the development of psychosis and effects from cannabis use may be similar b
408) s patient discussions of psychiatric side effects from this medication on popular we
409) d biomarker responses, as well as adverse effects, from anticancer drug treatment da
410) 5 in rat lung and ozone potentiated these effects induced by PM2.5.
411) supplement for body defense against side effects induced by chemical hazardous agen
412) lications for understanding the pulmonary effects induced by ozone and PM2.5.
413) Accordingly these hypolipidemic effects may be due to high-fiber content a
414) It appears that these effects may be mediated by improvement of
415) ons no longer outweigh their risk of side effects), may signal appropriate timing fo
416) ve strong antioxidative and antigenotoxic effects that are associated with its antio
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(1)251 of (8)5 to (15)3 that (22)2 models
(2)52 on (9)4 are (16)3 with (23)2 observed
(3)29 *null* (10)4 such (17)2 at (24)2 regression
(4)22 in (11)3 between (18)2 due (25)2 through
(5)16 and (12)3 from (19)2 has
(6)13 were (13)3 induced (20)2 include
(7)7 for (14)3 may (21)2 limited

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--- WordNet output for effects --- =>個人資産 Overview of noun effects The noun effects has 1 sense (no senses from tagged texts) 1. effects, personal effects -- (property of a personal character that is portable but not used in business; "she left some of her personal effects in the house"; "I watched over their effects until they returned") Overview of noun effect The noun effect has 6 senses (first 5 from tagged texts) 1. (101) consequence, effect, outcome, result, event, issue, upshot -- (a phenomenon that follows and is caused by some previous phenomenon; "the magnetic effect was greater when the rod was lengthwise"; "his decision had depressing consequences for business"; "he acted very wise after the event") 2. (11) impression, effect -- (an outward appearance; "he made a good impression"; "I wanted to create an impression of success"; "she retained that bold effect in her reproductions of the original painting") 3. (9) effect -- (an impression (especially one that is artificial or contrived); "he just did it for effect") 4. (2) effect, essence, burden, core, gist -- (the central meaning or theme of a speech or literary work) 5. (1) effect, force -- ((of a law) having legal validity; "the law is still in effect") 6. effect -- (a symptom caused by an illness or a drug; "the effects of sleep loss"; "the effect of the anesthetic") Overview of verb effect The verb effect has 2 senses (first 2 from tagged texts) 1. (17) effect, effectuate, set up -- (produce; "The scientists set up a shock wave") 2. (3) effect -- (act so as to bring into existence; "effect a change") --- WordNet end ---