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400) LCs and SLNs have shown a good ability to increase drug accumulation in the various
401) ance wettability of the final product, to increase drug dissolution rate and to main
402) Microbead formulations were optimized to increase drug loading, avoid precipitation
403) centrations (7.00 a.m.) showed a 2.5-fold increase from Day -1 to Day 2, and subsequ
404) The effect reflected by significant increase from normal in the latency time r
405) Especially, a significant increase from the control group to the DVT
406) Future scenarios include a 10% increase or decrease in rainfall (RF) and
407) nal predictors or blocking variables will increase or decrease statistical power, ho
408) may increase or maintain the populations of so
409) genes may affect DNA repair capacity and increase susceptibility to bladder cancer.
410) ong-term impact on pulmonary function and increase susceptibility to chronic obstruc
411) since a decrease in repair capacity will increase susceptibility to reactive oxygen
412) r clinicians or forensic pathologists may increase their ability to estimate the tim
413) General practice staff must increase their awareness about services th
414) upport, research suggests that they could increase their effectiveness through furth
415) cin and capsazepine induced a significant increase (P < 0.05) in cell proliferati
416) stablished findings such as a significant increase (P < 0.05) in lateral prefront
417) There are different techniques used to increase ROM and cryotherapy techniques to
418) strength and conditioning specialists can increase ROM with both forms of ice in com
419) the indices (H, K, π and D) was a slight increase between AF and AG, so did NF and
420) nly RAD51 showed a significant transcript increase between the immature oocytes coll
421) e-appropriate approaches are necessary to increase chlamydia screening among this ta
422) nt potential targets for interventions to increase chlamydia testing among young peo
423) entine, a significantly lower temperature increase could be measured (p < 0.0
424) Highest temperature increase could be observed in the 1-mm thi
425) were increased with the most significant increase observed in CD14(+)HLA-DR(-) myel
426) In rats treated with both compounds, the increase observed in testicular levels of
427) In this study, we have sought to increase our knowledge of slough by buildi
428) clinical trials in children are needed to increase our knowledge of the effects of m
429) he study and that involve at most a minor increase over minimal risk and/or burden.
430) intracellular Zn(2+) values continued to increase over time.
431) ripheral edema (5.4 [4.3 to 6.4]), weight increase (4.7 [3.9 to 5.5]), dry mouth (2.
432) As long as the oil prices tend to increase (and they will) this strategy wil
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(1)259 in (7)6 during (13)3 drug (19)2 ROM
(2)55 the (8)5 was (14)3 from (20)2 between
(3)36 of (9)5 with (15)3 or (21)2 chlamydia
(4)10 *null* (10)4 life (16)3 susceptibility (22)2 could
(5)7 physical (11)3 at (17)3 their (23)2 observed
(6)6 and (12)3 awareness (18)2 (P (24)2 our

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--- WordNet output for increase --- =>大きくなる, を増す, 増大させる, 強まる, 増加, 増える, 増やす Overview of noun increase The noun increase has 5 senses (first 5 from tagged texts) 1. (49) addition, increase, gain -- (a quantity that is added; "there was an addition to property taxes this year"; "they recorded the cattle's gain in weight over a period of weeks") 2. (21) increase -- (a change resulting in an increase; "the increase is scheduled for next month") 3. (7) increase, increment, growth -- (a process of becoming larger or longer or more numerous or more important; "the increase in unemployment"; "the growth of population") 4. (3) increase, increment -- (the amount by which something increases; "they proposed an increase of 15 percent in the fare") 5. (3) increase, step-up -- (the act of increasing something; "he gave me an increase in salary") Overview of verb increase The verb increase has 2 senses (first 2 from tagged texts) 1. (86) increase -- (become bigger or greater in amount; "The amount of work increased") 2. (61) increase -- (make bigger or more; "The boss finally increased her salary"; "The university increased the number of students it admitted") --- WordNet end ---